November 23, 2011

Some more Stills

Hi all,

Here are images I did (except room's modeling) for an hotel project.

And for a smaller one

Comment as much as you want !


June 15, 2011

Session #4 Basic Ivy painting in Photoshop

As promised here is a short explaination of how ivy is painted in the complete postwork session. This is a fun technic that can be used for many things.

Enjoy !


June 8, 2011

Watch & learn : Postprod work from A to Z

Hi all !

Here is a complete post work form me at 8x speed. This is not a real tutorial as nothing is really explained. Anyway, it shows a full process of 3d architectural integration, with different basic techniques and processes.

This job was made for Asymetrie, the project is from one of our customers.

For those interested, notice that I offer my postwork services, if you or your studio love 3d and want to get a nice postwork job, do not hesitate to contact me @

Feel free to give your opinion, critics, advises, or even bank card details ;)

Make me know if you liked it.


May 25, 2011

Session #3 Extract Plugin/Filter & High Contrast Cutout in Photoshop

Following tutorial shows 2 fast and efficient technics of cutting out skies or other things.

The Extract Plugin/Filter can be found Here at :

for windows :

for mac :

Do no hesitate to ask questions, request tutorials or comment !


May 24, 2011

Some work

Here are samples of past work done with Asymetrie.

This one is full VrayForC4D except room modeling that was done by a colleague.

For the two following, I've only done the postwork job : adding, vegetals, people, mood, fixing details.

Give your opinion !


May 23, 2011

Session #2 Basic shadow casting in Photoshop

Here is the 2nd tip and tricks. This one shows a way to simulate shadow casting of a cutout tree. What you should keep in mind is that this is only one method among many others, which is not supposed to be physically accurate.
I must first show some basic tricks... We'll really get into it later ;).

Do not hesitate to share / comment.


May 15, 2011

Display by frame

Little C.O.F.F.E.E script that allow to change objects every frame.

It's quite simple :
It compares the name of the group with the number of the frame and if it matches, the group is displayed.

Simply create a C.O.F.F.E.E tag with the following code on Nulls (groups) witch name are corresponding to the frame during witch they'll be activated (!?!)


var dirframe = op->GetName();               //gets group name
var test = int(evaluate(dirframe));            //converts group name to int
var t = doc->GetTime();                           //get current frame
var frame = t->GetFrame(doc->GetFps()); //get current frame

if(test==frame){   //if group's name = frame number ---> group is active
else{                   //else group is disabled

Check example file here ---> DISPLAY BY FRAME

Might be used or tweaked for other uses.


EasyArea plugin

Hi all !
This little plugin places an area light within a selection of 4 points (rectangular is better ... obviously).

This already exists on 3dsmax and Tong suggested me to code an equivalent for us...

EasyArea Plugin from Mike Barrin on Vimeo.


P.S :

1 - Beware to non-uniformely scaled object.

2 - Orientation must be set by hand for single sided areas.

Enjoy !


March 25, 2011

Wood end textures

Here are some free textures.
It's called wood ends and it's used for floors.


Postprod work

Here are some images for a recent project.
In this very case my job was only postproduction including every vegetation, people placing, general mood and some fixes. This is only photoshop work. I was thinking about creating some postproduction tutorials. Let me know if you would be interested.


February 20, 2011

Session #1 Materials replacement

Ok here is my first real "tutorial". It shows different ways to change/replace materials in cinema4D. Most of them are basic, but it's a good lessons for beginners, and maybe you'll find something you didn't knew. Sorry for text and images timing... once more it'll be fixed once i'll use audio.

Session #1 Material changing methods from Mike Barrin on Vimeo.

If you find it usefull or stupid, do not hesitate to say it !!


Work of november 2011

A work I did @ work, the goal was to seduce and show to future workers what would look like their office building. This is in Charleroi / Belgium.

There was quite a lots of issues due to the massive vegetal walls. I used lots and lots of proxies and some compositing to dodge RAM leaks ...  Total rendering time about 1500 hours.

Building Renovation from Mike Barrin on Vimeo.

You can comment !


February 11, 2011

Automatic diffuse.jpg + alpha.jpg to TIF

When you buy collections of plants, people, trees or whatever on the web, you often receive (for a reason of web transfert I suppose) 2 JPGS, one with alpha and the other with diffuse... So to get a transparent TIF, you first need to open the diffuse, put the alpha on it, select channel, delete, save ... etc etc ... ok for 1, let's say 2, 3 , 10 images... but when there are hundreds, it's a real timeloss ... Here is a little script that'll quickly do the job for you ... Let's see it in action first :

Well sorry, no audio yet, but it'll come soon !
Ok ... For those who are still interested, there is a little setup to do first ...but once it's done... it's really quick.

February 8, 2011

Free Travertine Texure

A travertine stone tiles texture I created for a recent project.

Free !


February 5, 2011

My good old 2008 Demoreel

My good old 2008 Demoreel from Mike Barrin on Vimeo.

Little bit of nostalgia with my 2008 matte painting & FX demoreel :)

Many others examples and making of can be found on my old website


Resize and Replace plugin

What the hell is that ?

Easy :  when working in animation with Vray and C4D 11.5, netrender is only working in meters, but many, many of my library's object presets were scaled in cm.

This plugins (very simple) instantly resizes by 1/100 and moves the object at the origin of the scene.

The real advantage is to associate it to a shortcut, and when importing 100x too big objects, a simple keystroke reduces it.

I use it every day. I know units system has been improved in C4D R12, but I still have lots of projects in 11.5.

Simply unpack it in your plugin folder and use C4D command manager to assign a shortcut.

Free Spices

Free Knives

Free Kitchen Tools


Free Cylindrical Seat


Rename Vray Lights by Type

Little plugin asked by a VrayC4D user to automatically rename lights upon their type.

Simply unpack it in your plugin folder. Access it from the plugin menu.

P.S. : only works on the 3 first levels of hierarchy ... but, this should be enough ...


Light cache Flythrough auto Mblur

Well as the title tries to explain here is a short script that automatically switches on and off the motion blur when rendering the allmighty STRAT'S IR+LC camera animation method.

I wrote it cause I forgot so many times to switch it on or off when launching renders prepasses.

Here is how to set it up (only takes 1 or 2 min) :

Morph Shelving

This object is an Xpresso based shelf. It is adjustable in many ways and can be handy to quickly create multiple shelves. This is simple but fun.

If you're interested by the XPRESSO, have a look in the hidden layer ;)

Sun Manipulator

This is a XPRESSO based helper to easily place the sun where you want. It replaces the unreadable dot with little stroke by an arrow, and offers hud controls to adjust sun vertical angle, sun distance, and sun orientation.
By default it contains a Vray Sun tag, but you can tweak it on your will.

Really handy and usefull, test it !


AutoID Plugin

Here is simple C.O.F.F.E.E. Plugin that may look useless for many of you but helps me to save some time when I want to work with material IDs. It does attributes different material Ids to all your materials automatically.

AutoID plugin from Mike Barrin on Vimeo.