June 15, 2011

Session #4 Basic Ivy painting in Photoshop

As promised here is a short explaination of how ivy is painted in the complete postwork session. This is a fun technic that can be used for many things.

Enjoy !


June 8, 2011

Watch & learn : Postprod work from A to Z

Hi all !

Here is a complete post work form me at 8x speed. This is not a real tutorial as nothing is really explained. Anyway, it shows a full process of 3d architectural integration, with different basic techniques and processes.

This job was made for Asymetrie, the project is from one of our customers.

For those interested, notice that I offer my postwork services, if you or your studio love 3d and want to get a nice postwork job, do not hesitate to contact me @ mike_barrin-at-hotmail.com.

Feel free to give your opinion, critics, advises, or even bank card details ;)

Make me know if you liked it.