May 25, 2011

Session #3 Extract Plugin/Filter & High Contrast Cutout in Photoshop

Following tutorial shows 2 fast and efficient technics of cutting out skies or other things.

The Extract Plugin/Filter can be found Here at :

for windows :

for mac :

Do no hesitate to ask questions, request tutorials or comment !


May 24, 2011

Some work

Here are samples of past work done with Asymetrie.

This one is full VrayForC4D except room modeling that was done by a colleague.

For the two following, I've only done the postwork job : adding, vegetals, people, mood, fixing details.

Give your opinion !


May 23, 2011

Session #2 Basic shadow casting in Photoshop

Here is the 2nd tip and tricks. This one shows a way to simulate shadow casting of a cutout tree. What you should keep in mind is that this is only one method among many others, which is not supposed to be physically accurate.
I must first show some basic tricks... We'll really get into it later ;).

Do not hesitate to share / comment.


May 15, 2011

Display by frame

Little C.O.F.F.E.E script that allow to change objects every frame.

It's quite simple :
It compares the name of the group with the number of the frame and if it matches, the group is displayed.

Simply create a C.O.F.F.E.E tag with the following code on Nulls (groups) witch name are corresponding to the frame during witch they'll be activated (!?!)


var dirframe = op->GetName();               //gets group name
var test = int(evaluate(dirframe));            //converts group name to int
var t = doc->GetTime();                           //get current frame
var frame = t->GetFrame(doc->GetFps()); //get current frame

if(test==frame){   //if group's name = frame number ---> group is active
else{                   //else group is disabled

Check example file here ---> DISPLAY BY FRAME

Might be used or tweaked for other uses.


EasyArea plugin

Hi all !
This little plugin places an area light within a selection of 4 points (rectangular is better ... obviously).

This already exists on 3dsmax and Tong suggested me to code an equivalent for us...

EasyArea Plugin from Mike Barrin on Vimeo.


P.S :

1 - Beware to non-uniformely scaled object.

2 - Orientation must be set by hand for single sided areas.

Enjoy !